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Are you looking for a life coach to help you achieve your goals and discover your purpose?

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 Silvia Accardo

Ordained Minister and Prophet,

Mentor, Etiquette Consultant,

& Certified Life Coach 

We are active members of:

  • Apostolic and Prophetic Network of Breath of Life Missions. Prophet Jim Jorgensen.

  • International Society of Deliverance Ministers - Dr. Bill Sudduth.

  • ANGA - Apostolic Network of Global Awakening - Dr. Randy Clark.

Silvia has been featured on 

"The Miraculous Life" with Host

Steve Hannet.


"I attended a Prophetic Evangelism training session with Silvia and Scott Accardo from Global NEST Ministries, which was amazing! Based on 1 Corinthians 14:1 which exhorts believers to eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit, Silvia and Scott have formed a much-needed ministry, where they help develop Christians’ God-given prophetic gift for the purpose of Prophetic Evangelism.  After a few hours of teaching and practice, we were told it was time to get on the streets and use our prophetic gifts on unsuspecting people! We were encouraged to see where the Lord would lead us and then to exactly whom we would prophesy to! It was an awesome experience as we approached people and waited quietly to hear from God, to reveal something about a person we did not know!  God is good!  People were receptive and God gave our small group unique prophetic words and visions that opened doors to the truth and love of Jesus!  I highly recommend Christians to train in this spiritual gift and use it to bring salvation to the lost and unsaved world". 

Marilee S. - April 2018

"Thank you Silvia for your obedience to the Lord! The 2018 Prophetic Destiny Women's Conference was amazing! Some many Holy Spirit moments that I experience here! Simple amazing".

Mary L. - November 2018

"The Conference with Evangelist John Ramirez was amazing. God Bless Silvia and Scott for hosting it... Scott spoke prophetic words over my boys and really struck a chord in their walk with the LORD and it was simply amazing".

Jo Shic - October 2018