House of Worship
House of Prayer
House of God

Who we are:

A Community of worshipers who minister to God. We create a place that invites the Holy Spirit where He is pleased to dwell. We are obsessed and possessed by God!

What we are:

We are earthen vessels created to carry the presence of God which function as a bridge between heaven and earth.  

Our Goal:

To minister to Jesus and to allow Him to minister to us. To worship, to create disciples, to equip the saints, and to send out living, burning believers on fire for the Lord in order to increase God's Kingdom.

What to expect:

Holy bible detail

 Sound Spiritual & Biblical Teachings/Preachings by Pastor/Prophetess Silvia Accardo and other guests.

Biblical Teaching/


High Fives

A community of Christ-like believers with the same heart who desire unity and run after God's love and power.

Loving Environment

Image by Vivek Doshi

We minister in the love and power of the Holy Spirit's supernatural gifts which release, strength, healing, and comfort.

Ministry in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Live Online Zoom Meetings- Will resume in September

If you are looking for a safe place to fellowship filled with love and the power of the

Holy Spirit, The Dwelling Place is for you.

We are the Church of Jesus Christ without borders or limitations. A people called by His name, anointed to do the good works God has called us to fulfill.