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Naturally Supernatural

A School of Biblical Training in the Gifts and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit:

Prophecy, Physical & Inner Healing, Deliverance, and Leadership Development.

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Study at Your Own Pace

Receive 1 Free Live-Online Mentorship Session

Contend For Your Prophetic Words

Process your Prophetic Words and Contend for them so that they come to pass!

What must you do with your prophetic words?

This e-course will help you understand what God is revealing about your identity, destiny, blessings,

and more!

Step into the reality of your calling as a spiritual warrior princess through every prophetic promise that has been released over your life.

Learn to contend for them and fight the 'good fight' against the enemy.

E-COURSE FEE $ 55.00

Words of Knowledge

Activate your Spiritual Gift of Words of Knowledge and operate in the power of the

Holy Spirit

Through this E-course, you will learn the purpose of this vital gift for the increase of God's Kingdom as it will equip you to accurately discern the voice of God, how to stand confident on your gift, and how to properly release it in order to impact the lives of those around you.

Discover and follow the steps that will activate the Gift of the Word of Knowledge in your life.

E-COURSE FEE  $30.00

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