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Supernatural & Prophetic Network


Supernatural & Prophetic Alliance for Kingdom Culture

Advance | Develop | Release | Network

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Cultivate your prophetic gift by growing and receiving biblical teachings and counsel.


Soar high in the prophetic by embracing and engaging in a safe and loving environment to exercise your gift.


Be sent out and move in your prophetic anointing and calling to increase God’s kingdom as you feel led by the Holy Spirit thus establishing a Prophetic Culture.


Meet and connect with other prophetic ministers who share in the same vision. There will also be opportunity to meet with our prophetic leaders for one-on-one mentoring.

The Supernatural & Prophetic Alliance for Kingdom Culture, “SPAKC”, is a group of passionate and like-minded spirit-filled, prophetic ministers who desire to shift the culture for God’s kingdom. We are a prophetic community that is bold, courageous, and willing to bring the kingdom of God to all corners of the earth. This ongoing Supernatural Prophetic mentorship/community is a safe environment and outlet for believers who desire to grow in their spiritual gifts and calling as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is also designed to provide opportunities for networking, to help deepen your walk with Christ by providing a place for comfort, strength, and edification, as you walk in your prophetic supernatural identity. 



Join our Prophetic community where you will be accountable and covered under the umbrella

of Silvia Accardo, who walks in the office of a Prophet.

Our goal is for you to receive guidance, edification, and support in order to

mature in Your Prophetic and other Spiritual Gifts.

 We provide the opportunity for you to use and develop your gifts through continual practice

as you cultivate character build-up and core strengthening from the inside out.


  • Mentorship for 4-months, then you have the choice to join SPAKC thereafter.

  • Live online meetings once a month on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:00 PM (Eastern-ST).

  • Online meetings via Zoom App to start, then they will be offered in person as well.

  • Includes, teaching, activation, impartation, community, networking, and Q&A.

Next Meeting is Saturday, October 2, 2021
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