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//Priesthood Worshippers' Movement

Global NEST

Global NEST Ministries is a Holy Spirit-led organization existing for the purpose of ministering to the Lord and transforming lives through God’s power and love. 

NEST stands for Natural Environment for Supernatural Training. 

Mission Statement

To minister to the Lord, impart the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and train and equip every believer to develop their God-given gifts in order to reproduce the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit for the ministry of power evangelism thus fulfilling their destiny.

The Beginning

Founder, licensed pastor & ordained prophetess, Silvia Accardo, serves the kingdom of God by training up believers in their God-given gifts. She has ministered to various ages and denominations throughout multiple local and international communities. Now, her vision has turned into a family ministry. Her husband Scott, and her children, Josh, Aaron, Mark, and Author/Musician Raquel Alyse, serve and minister under the leadership of the Holy Spirit in the Global NEST School of Ministry and Shiloh House of Worship. Silvia went through a Breast Cancer Journey and her desire is to use every experience she has endured to minister to others in order for them to fulfill their destiny through love and the Holy Spirit's power.

Our Vision

To make disciples and equip every believer to move in God's love and power so that they do and teach as Jesus did and taught, continuing His ministry of bringing heaven to earth in a naturally supernatural way!

Culture & Beliefs

Serving in Ministry

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Move in the Spiritual Gifts

Carry the Love of Jesus

Family Over Ministry

Fulfill the Great Commission

There's Only One Savior

Culture of Faith, Honor, & Love

Live in Complete Surrender to Jesus

Spiritual Coverings

Prophet James Jorgensen// Breath of Life Missions, New York

Dr. Randy Clark// Global Awakening, Pennsylvania

Pastora Irene Andrade// Iglesia Sin Paredes, El Salvador

Pastor Silvia's Credentials

Ordained Minister & Prophetess under// Breath of Life Missions

Ordained Minister & Pastor under // Global Awakening

Healing Minister under// Global Awakening Healing Ministers' Association

Deliverance Minister under// International Society of Deliverance Ministers

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