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Prophetic Mentorship

1-on-1 Prophetic Mentorship
Group Prophetic Training/Mentorship

Stir Up | Develop | Be Launched
In Your God-Given Prophetic Gift 

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In this prophetic training/mentorship, you are accountable to the office of a Prophet.

Cultivate character build-up and core strengthening from the inside out.

Receive guidance, edification, and support in order to develop and mature in the Prophetic Gift.

 We provide an opportunity for you to use and develop your God-given gift through continual practice in a safe environment.  


Develop a Prophetic Team within your church to fulfill the ministry of Jesus. 

We do and teach as Jesus did and taught.


  • Prophetic Teaching & Mentorship.

  • Meet in-person or live online through Zoom.

  • Includes teaching, activation, impartation, and Q&A.


  • Schedule a 1-on-1 session (discount available when scheduling more than 5 sessions).

  • Group training available - train up a prophetic team in your ministry/church.

  • Prophetic Evangelism training.

Prophetic Group Training/

6 Sessions

Prophetic Evangelism Training

2 Sessions
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