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The objective of this class is to learn

What you do with the prophetic words you receive

  • Identity- How God sees you.

  • Calling/Destiny- What are the ‘good works’ that God has established for you?

  • Promises-  God has given you every spiritual blessing.

  • Are there any conditions and/or commands which lead to your promise.

  • and more.


Classes will meet on Wednesdays for 3 weeks at 7:00 PM

beginning September 9, 2020, on the Zoom App.

Registration $ 75.00


 rophetic words need to be analyzed in order to understand clearly what God is revealing.

Then you must contend for them with God and against the enemy using your Spiritual weapons.

Lastly, you must use them in warfare in order to fulfill your destiny. 

This e-course will take you through the process of deciphering God's revelation

so that you may walk-in agreement with God's will for your life.

You will also learn how to test your prophecies whether they are from God or not.


Brushed Metal

When you stand on your revealed prophetic identity you will move in the supernatural power, authority, and abilities that have been delegated to you.

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