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Global NEST
School of Ministry

Seeking the Heart of God

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 Grow Spiritually
Walk-in Your God-given Identity & Purpose
Become a Mentor/Leader
Discover & Develop Your Spiritual Gifts
Receive Spiritual Covering as a Minister of the Gospel

Businessman and Businesswoman

Live a Supernatural Lifestyle

We have developed this School of Ministry to develop you as a mature Christian to fulfill your calling as God's Minister. It is set up to help you achieve your spiritual goals and walk confidently in who you are as a child of God to increase His Kingdom as you move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and do as Jesus did.

In addition to being available to answer your questions and have open thought-provoking discussions during meetings, Silvia Accardo has set apart time for ministry every month, plus with the aid of the Bible App through any smart device, you will fulfill spiritual accountability as you navigate a devotional plan, which will aid in maintaining a daily Bible reading. Our goal is to equip you so that you can fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28 & Mark 16).

If you’re seeking sincere guidance to deepen your relationship with God and development of your Spiritual gifts in an environment that is spiritually and emotionally safe and sound, then consider our School of Ministry.

Classes are offered Online on Zoom and Onsite at our Ministry Building in Stony Brook, New York.

1st School Year


  • In-person & online Zoom meetings simultaneously. 

  • Includes ministry, impartation, teaching, and Q&A. 

  • Bible devotionals via the Bible App will be given throughout the program.

  • You will read 5 books bi-monthly and write reflection papers which will aid in developing your writing.

  • Daily journaling will be encouraged in order to develop hearing God's voice.

  • Teaching Videos will be provided biweekly with review questions.

  • Bible study & teaching development.

  • You will be preparing and leading Devotionals on Zoom.

 Teachings include methods for:

Discovering Your Identity,

Knowing the Love of God,

Walking in Your Destiny,

Hearing God's Voice,

Studying the Bible, 

Leadership Development,

Walking Through Trials,

Moving in Spiritual Gifts,

Prayer and Intercession

Teaching the Bible,

and more!

E. Knight - Educator


Live 10--Months School

In the 1st year, you will join a small group of like-minded believers in person or live online through the Zoom App and together we will go on a journey where you will achieve profound Biblical Growth, & Spiritual Maturity.

This program provides opportunities to put into practice what you have learned. 

Throughout the program, you will be assigned a mature spiritual mentor who will meet with you once a month.

1st Year

  • Live sessions twice a month.

  • 1-on-1 live meeting with a mature spiritual mentor.

  • Create & present a 15-minute devotional 1/month.

  • Opportunities for gifts development.

  • Learn to Study and Teach the Bible.

School begins February 2023

Program Monthly Fee $ 150.00

Self - Paced Online School

In this option, you will follow the program which is broken up into 5 sessions which allows you to go at your own pace.


  • Each session is 8 weeks - You must complete the Video teachings, the appointed book, and complete all the Homework within that time.

  • Live-online teachings once a month.

  • Register for each session on your own schedule.


Session 1

           The Truth of Who God Is - Character & Desires for Us

Session 2

           Your God-Given Identity & Purpose

Session 3

           The Fullness of the Gospel: Supernatural Ministry

Session 4

           Put On God's Love: Develop Healthy Relationships

Session 5

           Leadership Development


 Sessions begin TBA

$100 per Session

2nd school year


  • 9-Month Program.

  • In-person and online teaching simultaneously through Zoom. (Onsite meeting at our Stony Brook location).

  • Ministry, impartation, teaching, and Q&A.

  • Personal attention.

  • Class Notes.

  • Access to all teaching recordings.

  • Weekly Homework using the Google Classroom Portal.

  • You will be teaching/preaching as part of the program.

  • Street Power Evangelism.

  • Ministry Development.

  • School Graduation Certificate (Potential for Ministry Ordination as led by the Holy Spirit)


      Training Includes:

  • Equipping in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

  • Power Evangelism.

  • Participation in street outreaches.

  • Ministry Internships with Global NEST.

  • Receive Prophetic & Spiritual ministry mentorship and covering.

  • Opportunity to join our ministry team.

  • As we are led by the Holy Spirit and according to God's calling and purpose in your life, there will be a potential for you to be ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the completion of your second year.


  • Prophetic Gift Training

  • Prophetic Deliverance Training

  • Physical Healing Training 


  • Words of Knowledge 

  • The Seer Anointing

  • Holy Spirit Impartation

  • Evangelism

  • and more!


  •  Register only after having successfully completed the first year of the School of Ministry:  Personal and Leadership Development

  •  You will take classes plus intern with Global NEST Ministries.

  • You will have to participate in power evangelism to complete this program.

School begins TBA

Program Monthly Payment $ 200.00

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